BURNR BANNRS generative collection of NFT profile userbox banners. Exploring early days of internet personalization. Remastered and recontextualized into absurd, aesthetic, and humorously hypercitational references.

Burnr Bannrs playfully subverts traditional concepts of profile userbox banner self-description, creating a unique and engaging profile experience.

Fresh perspective in context of todays modern social media.

Drawing inspiration from Remilia’s Milady Maker community and derivs, with art cues from Banners NFT collection.

Exploring aesthetic elements from userpages, early OS system themes, gaming platforms and forum signatures. Intertwined with catchy positive affirmation quotes and self jokes.

Lighten up and enjoy! Burn the hate away… Burnr Bannrs

Burnr Bannrs

Burnr Bannrs generative collection of 8888 NFT profile userbox banners.

Mint Date & Time

Sunday, July 2, 11:00am PST / 8:00pm CEST / 6:00pm UTC

Affiliates Earn 20%

Generate an affiliate link for our Scatter mint page and earn a 20% commission on all mints made through your unique link.


8888 Burnr Bannrs

Mint Prices

0.015 ETH for Remilia Community List
0.02 ETH for Public Mint

Following Projects are on the Remilia Community List for Discounted Mints

  • Milady Maker
  • Banners NFT
  • YAYO
  • Remilionare (Redacted Remilio Babies)
  • Radbro Webring
  • Radbro Webring: Radcats
  • Schizo Posters
  • Sproto Gremlins
  • Pixelady Maker
  • Angel Banners
  • Cyber Angel Maker
  • Streets of Milady
  • Khalifa Maker
  • Kawamii Teens
  • [bammers]
  • Oekaki Maker
  • Hurt Hapas
  • Bonkler

Bulk Minting Price Tiers for Remilia Community List

1-4 Mints: 0.015 ETH
5-9 Mints: 0.0145 ETH
10-14 Mints: 0.0142 ETH
15-24 Mints: 0.0135 ETH
25-49 Mints: 0.0127 ETH
50+ Mints: 0.0112 ETH

Free Mint for Remilia Community List

Free mint of 1000 NFTs is available for Remilia Community List. Each wallet can mint 1 free NFT.

Bulk Minting Price Tiers for Public mint

1-4 Mints: 0.02 ETH
5-9 Mints: 0.0194 ETH
10-14 Mints: 0.019 ETH
15-24 Mints: 0.018 ETH
25-49 Mints: 0.017 ETH
50+ Mints: 0.015 ETH

5% Royalties Sweep

Portion of secondary sale royalties will be allocated towards enhancing and expanding, existing and upcoming Remilia derivative collections.

This initiative will not only involve sweeping the floor of existing projects, but also contribute to helping new projects on Scatter.art mint out.

In addition to giving back and supporting creators, newly minted and swept NFTs will be redistributed back to holders of Burnr Bannrs, resulting in a win win outcome for everyone.




Mint Funds

Like with royalties, funds raised will also be used to sweep Remilia and community NFTs and redistributed back to Burnr Bannrs holders through giveaways and airdrops.

By simply holding a Burnr Bannrs NFT, you never know when you might receive an unexpected NFT airdrop to your wallet.

Improve your chances to win big NFTs, by minting Burnr Bannrs. The more Burnr Bannrs a wallet holds the greater the chances.

Random giveaways, rewards for active social community members and much, much more to come real soon.

5% of funds go to Scatter.art which made this all possible. Huge shoutout to Scatter.art for creating such an amazing platform and influential social presence. Always looking out for the community.

As well as focusing on giving back in the short-term. Burnr Bannrs aims to expand and grow, creating new collections, products and collaborations, while always keeping and rewarding Burnr Bannrs holders at the core of its mission for world domination.

MINT GOES LIVE 11:00:00am PST - JULY 2